Chance's Website

The 1st Internet Golden Retriever

About Me:

I've been with my master for over seven (7) years!

I was born with 12 brothers and sisters. However, I haven't seen them since I was a small pup! Real early on, my Master came and picked me over all my brothers and sisters. I've been with him ever since!

He takes me for walks, and sometimes we go to his work (some kind of testing laboratory). What I really like is when we go for rides (to Burger King!). Everyone there is so nice! They give us burgers to eat whenever we go there!

When my Master isn't home, I guard the house. Sometimes real Big Dogs (Dad calls them Deer) come near the house. That's when I bark, and scare them off!

Although my name is "Chance" I have a nickname! If you visit the Photo Gallery, I'll tell you my nickname. 

About Me

I'm a pure Golden Retriever.

I've been with my Master for over 7 years now. When he's home, he takes real good care of me. We go for walks a lot. He likes to throw rubber balls out in the yard. I keep bring them back for him, but, he keeps on throwing them (Why do you humans like to throw things?)